Welcome, friend!

I’m Robin and my wife’s name is Eva. The Mighty Menagerie is an account of our small farm/homestead. We live on twenty acres in Northwest Oregon with what is probably way too many animals! Here on the farm we raise meat chickens, egg chickens, ducks, a goat, pigs, and rabbits. We also have horses, dogs, cats, and, of course, four children; two at home (Justis – 14, and Maya – 10) and two grown and out of the nest (Devin – 27 and Samantha – 23)! In addition to the animals, we also have a substantial garden and lots of fruit trees.

The wife and I both have full time jobs, so when we are not at our day job we’re usually working on building a better farm. Something always needs attention, for sure! I’m crazy about: my family, old farm kitsch, old glass and mason jars, my chickens, and the homesteading life style.

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Welcome to The Mighty Menagerie,

Robin crayon